NAA HGM Mini-Revolver Holster Grip Single


Model:          HGM

Caliber:        22 Mag

Condition:   New

Finish:          Stainless

Action:          Revolver

Sights:           Open

Grip:              Blk Synthetic

Barrel:           1 5/8″

Stock#:          3144T, 3145T

UPC:               744253000904


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The Mini-Revolver series by North American Arms offers a lightweight concealed carry pocket gun with a 5-shot capacity. Using the half-way notch cylinder, the hammer may rest safely and securely away from live or empty chambers without chance of accidental discharge. The steel frame is fitted with a handy locking black holster grip with a pocket clip and fixed blade front sight. The holster grip unfolds and locks to become the handle of the gun. Press the release button and the mini-revolver folds back into the grip. For added safety, when the holster grip is folded, the trigger of the gun is completely enclosed making it virtually impossible for the gun to be fired.
This model is a 22 Magnum with a 1-5/8″ barrel.